I'm Kenya!

40+ year-old multi-tasking Mama Bear, holding down the SAHM fort, while writing, promoting my book, and working behind the scenes as the photographer's wife. I blog to scratch my niche.

I write stories, and the occasional tech byte.



About The Stories

There are many favorites here by my long time readers. However, my most shared story "What comes around, goes around", was featured in the Our Land Series on another site.

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Take A Bite

Read my latest post or check the archives and choose an oldie. I have been blogging here since 2010. My niche is storytelling. Additionally, I pin every post and some on Pinterest.

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About My Book

Sharing the spirit of make you feel good laughter in The Christopher Chronicles; a book filled with "Christopherisms" - funny quotes and anecdotes out of the mouth of babes - a five-year-old.

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