It's Mother's Day in July...

I’ve virtually written and crumpled several posts over the past couple weeks. But today everything was just right in Mama Bear’s world (headlines excluded) and that is when I like to write. Today’s weather and writing in it was like biting a piece of chocolate when I've been on a diet - except chocolate is never excluded on a diet. 

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"Love you to pieces."

It was bedtime and we'd had a one on one evening because it's Papa Bear's bowling night.

Since there's only two days of school left I let Christopher play outside until 7:45 then we went to run an errand and go to Sonic (our new favorite place). 

As I kissed him on the cheek he said,

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Healthy Blog Fodder: Matcha better than last week

Green people are following me on Twitter

I assume it's from me sharing my Yummly recipe collection 50 Shades of Green Smoothies (504 so far) or the ones I've actually made and shared on Instagram. Either way, they think I'm healthy. So I needed to post something on top of last weeks Belgian Waffles and South Carolina Moonshine.

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