The Secret Ingredient is Paprika...

When my son started playing football a couple months ago, practice was three nights a week. That meant I wasn't going to be home to cook. 

After the first practice we were eating Popeye's fried chicken at 9pm. 

To preserve my waistline and save some money, I really needed to get organized and plan meals ahead.  

5 iOS 7 Tips that Made My Day

At first update glance I was kinda like WHOA that's BRIGHT. I couldn't find this or that, and after the oooh that's pretty wore off, I couldn't see what the big deal was until I started reading about the features.

There are a bunch of helpful tips and tricks for navigating through the new features of iOS 7. Reading #iOS7 on Twitter was helpful, but you have to read between a lot of complaints to get to the good stuff.

In this post I have compiled 5 things I consider to be the good stuff. 

Backgrounds and Buttons and Vectors - Oh my!

So if a tree falls...never mind.

It doesn't matter if no one hears me. I'm not here to solve tech problems. I just like to share stuff that I learned and hope that someone finds it just as useful. Today I am linking to posts and websites that help me create a blog grab button, select a background texture and allowed me to customize free vector images.