Midnight Train to Delaware

Vacations for my family happened in the summer as we traveled by train to see our relatives. Time with family for any other occassion fell under the umbrella of weddings and funerals. When I grew up, I didn't want to see my entire family for just weddings, funerals and one-week summer vacations. When I grew up, I was going to take real vacations to vacation kinds of places and see my family whenever I wanted to.

Effects of Withdrawal from Blogging

Excerpt: My face burned as the clerk rang up my one item purchase. She started the two step process of bagging glass in paper first and then said, "Oh, this is plaaastic." I did not make eye contact. I thought, just give me my ginormous bottle of cheap Vodka so I can leave before that guy over there recognizes me...

Unplug and Heal

It's been too long since I've written here - 22 days to be exact. I'd had a goal to write one post a week in the New Year. It doesn't feel all that great to fail in January...

A Race Against Time

A couple weeks ago, I got the bright idea to do a then and now photo. I had to beg Christopher to participate. He asked, "Are you going to be sharing this in social media?"  I responded, "Yes." In the end, my idea cost me $5.