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Cooking Under Pressure...

It's football practice season, which means meal planning or eating out. I prefer to eat in. #1 there's leftovers, #2 it's healthier, #3 it's cheaper, #4 my son can be in bed at a reasonable time (provided I've planned and cooked ahead of time). But who plans and cooks ahead of time?

Green Smoothies Galore!

I have wondered about green smoothies... I've eyeballed them and thought  50/50 "that looks gross" or "that's pretty!"

Thanks to my cousin Kamilah and another blogger friend BritishMumUSA, I've stepped out of my vanilla, strawberry and peanut butter smoothie box. 

Peanut Butter on Weight Watchers...

On my first week of Weight Watchers, I remember making myself 1/2 a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It was 5 points. It was so delicious that I made another half while I was still chewing - 11 points total. That 11 points isn't worth it when it's the first thing you eat that day and you are still hungry.