I used to be a better writer...

I've found myself coming to this space more to see how I can make it more attractive than I've come here to write. I've sat here with my fingers at the keyboard begging for my mind to release something entertaining so that someone will read it, love it, comment on it and share it. Then I read something that gave me an aha moment...

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How many minutes until school starts?

When Christopher wakes up this morning, I think I'll ask him, "How many minutes until school starts?" I am sure that will make his day. Not. I on the other hand am very excited about it. I even created a countdown widget!

I'm linking up with Tuesday Ten - 10 things to love and hate about back to school. 

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I Believed in Bigfoot

There was a show that used to come on in the 70's called In Search of. Leonard Nimoy was the host. As a kid many of the "mysteries" were believable - especially when they talked about Bigfoot. I have a memory of something that lived at a lake in my hometown. Was it Bigfoot?

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10 Throwback Photos for Tuesday Ten

This past weekend I went home for a quick trip. Two of my cousins were flying in and part of our mission this weekend was to go through photo albums. At some point after my grandfather passed away, all the photo albums went to my mom. I brought a shoebox full of photos home, but here are a few that I took snapshots of...

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I'll be a good sport, but football isn't my department...

Watching Christopher at football practice last year wasn't something I enjoyed doing. I hated hearing the kids getting yelled at. There were a lot of tears, frustration over being new to the game, as well as the no pain no gain of practice. Game days were exciting, but I just don't share the same passion as other sports moms and I don't understand football. 

Posted on August 12, 2014 .